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Weight gain with steroids

How does one get rid of the weight gained by prednisolone? I'm down from 60mg to 5mg, have lost the cushinoid appearance and my dress size back to what it was except the waistline! Yet the weight is still increasing (nearly 2st in the past 12mths!). Used to love swimming but the chlorine now affects me. The gym? My legs can't tolerate much in the way of exercise due to peripheral neuropathy - and supporting the extra weigh(?). Diet? Any tips? Thanks

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Hi, If I had the solution would share.Honest


I'm with you on this one Jann :-)


I have lost three stone in four months using a portion controlled diet given by my diebetic nurse partially because of preds gain but also ended up with type 2 diabetis.

Like you I find exercise of any kind difficult as I have ostreoarthritis in most of my joints,I also allow my self a cheating day in the week !!

My problem was not what I ate but how much I ate.

Bonus went out to buy new clothes this week :)

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There is an article in the Autumn newsletter about a couple who lost weight through slimming world... Tracy has CSS they lost an incredible amount of weight between them.. I do know listening to people on the vuk fb page that many people find slimming world helpful

maybe worth a try..

best wishes



I found my problem was SW limits the milk allowance even skimmed, so we agreed that I wouldn't count it.



I had a lot of weight gain due to the prednisolone and severe narrowing in lungs and trachea so couldn't breathe too good. Doctor at Addenbrookes said I had to lose weight which would in turn help breathing. He suggested smaller portions of meals by eating from a smaller plate if necessary and to do exercise even if just walking a certain route and then building it up to longer and longer periods. Luckily I was able to return to easy aqua after trachey removed and I found that his suggestions worked and I was able to lose over 2 stone. It was hard but worth it!


I use slimming world....... I have been on 40mgs of preds for over a year (prev on 30) and will be for the foreseeable future. I lost 1 and 1/2 stone with SW (I was told to expect to put on 60lbs) and have maintained my weight. I have extreme cushings still and in a wheelchair. I drink almond milk so my daily quantities are higher.

Unfortunately I still look like humpty dumpty....but my body fat has decreased from 45% to 37% so thats good.

Good luck with whatever you decide



I joined slimming world 5 weeks ago, and have already lost 1stone 1 lb, and am sooo pleased!! They do limit your milk, but as you are allowed certain yogurts without limit, I don't seem to have any problems. You can eat so much with SW too, so that helps with the steroid induced appetite!!!!! I would highly recommend giving SW a try! Good luck xx


im on 7mg and im really hoping the weight will begin to come off. ive been on pred for 5 years and put on 3stone. what doseage does it start shifting? xx


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