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NHS - Online Renal Patient View Service

Hi all, I felt this might be of help to Vasculitis patients whom see a renal specialists, maybe to other also. My last appointment with my renal consultant was 3 weeks ago, one of the outcomes of the meeting was to setup an online account so that I can access a service called 'Renal Patient View'. One on the reasons for letting me access this service, is because I am having issues with hypertension. The online service allows me to enter my own blood pressure readings. I can also access other useful information about myself i.e. Blood test results/letter/Current medication etc.

For anyone whom is interested in this service, please check out: https: I don't know if the service is limited to only renal patients.


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I use renal view via my local hospital (I'm also treated at Addenbrookes) as I'm treated there by a nephrologist but I have no kidney involvement. It's great providing the relevant data is uploaded (letters, prescriptions etc) but one of the drawbacks to my results is that they don't record C-ANCA or Ig's. Worth checking out though. Healthy wishes.


I also noticed that there was not an C-ANCA PR3 test in the list. As there is a forum on the Renal patient view site, I might mention this to their admin!



I'm on dialysis, three times a week, 'they' check all my bloods, once a month, and b.p. before and after every dialysis. I might look at this site though, when I get the TIME!!!

Thanks for the info. though.

Best wishes



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