Users of this website may know about this but I didn't until recently. If you have a form of vasculitis which affects the kidneys and has meant that you are treated by a hospital renal unit you may well be able to sign up to Renal Patientview. This means that with a username and password you can access your own records at the renal unit including all your blood test results and medication changes. Very useful if, like me, you like to keep a close eye on your blood results including kidney function etc. As I understand it, many renal units are part of the scheme although not all of them.

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  • There's some information in the V-UK Spring 2013 Newsletter/Journal - - about Renal PatientView - page 13 if that helps. It gives a few links to find out which units take part and a link to an excellent help section.


  • I was able to join up to this simply by picking up a form from the renal unit at Sheffield Northern General. It takes about a week to set up and the form lists participating units.

  • Dear Mac12,

    I'm very interested, having had a kidney transplant, last July- after four years on dialysis-due to vasculitis. I am under Addenbrooke's Hospital, for approx. monthly 'check-ups'. Strangely I've never heard, of this scheme, but I will ask the next time I'm there; maybe 'they' haven't heard about it! Unlikely somehow but still. I will let 'everyone' know, I promise.

    Best wishes to all


  • Hi Andrew Unfortunately I've thrown away the leaflet which gave details of which Renal Units are participating in the scheme, but a great many are. I'd be surprised if Addenbrookes weren't but I'm sure your consultant will tell you. It's very easy for patients to set up access to their medical details at the unit and to use. kind regards, Mac

  • To paraphrase- thanks Mac!

  • Hi Andrew Further to my last message, here is a link to a press release from Addenbrooke's Renal Unit, saying they will be participating in PatientView. It's fairly old so probably safe to assume they are now doing sp

    kind regards, Mac

  • Dear Mac,

    I'll ask, on Monday, and let you Know.


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