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has anyone been prescribed this for high blood pressure.

i have wg which affected my kidneys,my consultant put me on this drug,but told me it may affect my kidneys,when my doctor seen it he did not want to give me the drug.

i ende up stuck in the middle with my consultant insisting i have it,just wondering if anyone ,has taken it and had an affect on there kidneys

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Hi Quinnster,

I have had WG for over 5 years with 66% loss of kidney function in both kidneys.My consultant said that high blood pressure was a big risk factor for future kidney damage which is undoubtedly true.

He therefore prescribes 20mg daily of LISINOPRIL up from 10mg daily two years ago. LISINOPRIL has NO kidney risks or side effects.

We are none of us doctors BUT we are entitled to query ANY doctor if one is receiving conflicting advise over a prescription.

I would thing you are pefectly entitled to ask your WG doctor why he/she is prescribing something which is potentially damaging to your kidneys and to ask him why,for example he is not prescribing Lisinopril or something equally neutral. If it is a cost issue I would personally bite his head off as the cost of these drugs is minimal as they are mainstream and regularly used by millions.

Some doctors are fantastic and open, others average and defensive, but in the case of the latter, have the courage of your convictions and dont get caught up between your main WG doctor and your GP as they will botth end up fobbing you off.

Good Luck



thanks paul,i was on lisinopril a while back,it made my tongue swell dangerously,i was then put on amolodopine,which had the same affect on my feet,hence the move on to candesartan,just hope it goes ok with them,and thanks for the reply


I have near the same kidney damage as Paul. I am currently on Irbesartan. inital I had Ramipil but it gave me a dry cough.

Good luck with your treatment


Hi, I have WG with kidney involvement and have been on Candesartan for over 5 years. I have a renal consultant and am on 4mg per day. I will certainly check with her on my next visit. A lot of drugs say dont take if you have renal problems so thanks for the tip off. Hope all goes well for you. Keep smiling


My kidneys aren't affected by my WG but I do take BP meds. The Amlodopine didn't suit me either and my ankles really swelled. I am now taking Lercanidipine 10mg. I've looked at the patient notes for Lercanidipine and it says not to take if you have SEVERE liver or kidney problems. So maybe the answer about the BP meds prescribed to you is in the SEVERE bit, if that is what it says.

I agree that it isn't fair for you to be stuck in the middle between these two professionals, and that you need to have a full explanation as to why these are being prescribed under your particular circumstances, and if any other alternatives are available.



Hi my husband has vasculitis and his kidneys function presently at 44%. He was taking ramipril for years but it did not control his high blood pressure. He was started on candersartan. He was told by the renal specialist that this would protect his kidneys but we just found out that he experienced a loss of 5% in his kidney function whearas his kidney function had remained the same in the 4 years prior while taking ramipril even though ramipril can cause kidney problems! Reading the comments on this thread prompted me to look up a mims book in my office which gives information on different drugs (Im a nurse). Renal dysfunction is listed as an adverse effect of Lisinopril so it may not be the best option whearas candesartan has not listed renal problems as adverse effects but does state that with those with renal problems should be started on a low dose and have their blood levels monitored (this would be to monitor for any problems with kidney function). Im still unsure about the best treatment for my husbands blood pressure, but I would recommend you talk it over with your doctor or renal specialist but then read up on any drugs or treatment they prescribe. I feel I am going to have to do this myself since I've lost faith in the renal specialists due to some aspects of my husbands treatment. Its not their fault, they just dont have a full understanding of the complexities of health issues associated with vasculitis. Im hoping we can get referred to a vasculitis specialist in England although I dont know how easy that will be (we're in Scotland).

Pricewise according to my book dated 2010 Lisinopril are cheaper Tablets. They cost between £1.00 and £1.39 per pack of 28 depending on the dose. Candesartan costs between £3.39 for a pack of 7 of the lowest dose and £16.13 for 28 of the 32mg tablets.


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