Does anybody have any good clear photos of symptoms of their vasculitis eg:- rash red eyes saddle nose spots ulcers damaged fingers toes?

We need pictures of these things for the new vasculitis Route Map and for the New Website.

They are surprisingly hard to come by as doctors and hospitals are reluctant to let others use them or sometimes they are copy right. Obviously they would be used anonymously and any photos that might be recognisable would be changed so the person will not be identified. please message me personally or email John. thank you

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  • Hi Sue, it just so happens I have some very good photos of my rash the are on my phone and none show my face anyway I will upload them to my computer and then send them to you via your email addy. Hope this helps by the way you can use them for any other publications you think that might help others become aware of what Vasculitus is and debilitating it can be. Dave

  • Sent and on there way Sue.

  • Thank you...received them...they will be very helpful...:-)

  • I have some pictures of the rash on my legs - if they are any use please advise where I can send them.

    Also, a rhuematologist at the hospital where I was diagnosed took some pictures of my fingers (possibly my feet / ankles too) as I apparently had a slightly unusual manifestation at that time.

  • Hi,

    I will send you some of my 20 year old son's skin rash pictures. I have been taking pictures to put in his hospital file so I have quite a few.



  • have you had a decent saddlenose picture yet?

    i have a classic saddlenose and could get some piccies taken if you still need them

  • Thank you ...all pictures are welcome..please send to ;-)

  • yes - i took lots of photos as it was so hard to get diagnosis till moved hospil as you know. as soon as im out of hospital i will send them to youif i can work the technology out lol! got soe of pupuric rash, some of the urticaric rah and thn some(often verygrphic im afraid) of the deep cutaneous leasions I get which are always infected chronicallywith staph aureous and always at least 1 inch deep, latest admission for 6 rather large very infected ulcertins of my legs.. largest was 3 inches long 1.5 inches deep and 2 inches wide, smallest 1 inch long an inch deep and 2 inches wide... this is on top of lung, liver, kidney and neurological issues relating possibly to damaged nerves from deep leasions, i would be happy to help if it means that even just 1 person gets a diagosis slightly earlier as a result as it took so long for me to get a diagnosis... thanks guys for your support. xx

  • just seen the request for saddle nose photos, you can use mine if you wish and more can be sent if they'll help.


    sandra b

  • Can anyone tell me how to see these pictures?

    Thank you.

  • This is the link to the website , the page is still work in progress.

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