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I have had wg for 5 years but has urine problems

recently I had 2 episodes of what I thought was an urine infection, blood proetin nitrates ect in uring. Am experiencing pain and discomfort. the specialist nurse checked results and said no infection was found, But I am to see consultant in a couple of weeks for further investigation as I have inflamation in my eyes and had to go back on steroid eye drops. anyone any idea what my be going on?

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Hi Kath, this sounds worrying. Of course it could be something else but if you have both the urinary problem and the eye problem one might suspect that it's Dr Wegener on the loose again. I really need to know more about your medical history. Can you send me a private message saying where you get your treatment, what sort of consultant, what tests or investigations you have had recently, what treatment you have had in the past and what treatment you are currently being given - if any. If it is WG again, the steroid eye drops will not control it, maybe just mask the problem.

Sorry for asking so many questions when you want answers!



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