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Travel insurance companies - can anyone recommend

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I have GPA and unfortunately had a flare in May this year, I had 4 rituximab infusions during May and feel great now and want to go on holiday. My rheumatologist has advised that I wont be back in remission until he can see a sustained period where the disease is stable. Does anyone know if I can get travel insurance even though I am not in remission?

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I would try your Bank first. They will nearly always cover you - just remember to provide the whole truth.

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Thanks jinasc ,

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There are travel companies that will insure you but you must be very clear that you have the correct cover to include vasculitis ( include Covid as well) not sure if not being in remission will make a difference. Theyvare usually more specialist companies.

We have used Staysure in the past for the US.

Glad you are feeling better .

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Thanks main1234, I will contact them

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Hi, glad you’re feeling better. Might be worth trying the Post Office. I have GPA and have used the post office a few times, though I have fortunately never needed to claim. Only thing I noted was the insurance forms seem to use the old name for the condition “Wegener’s granulomatosis” rather than GPA. I managed to get ski cover in Jan 2020 with them when my condition was not in remission (I remember they explicitly ask about remission). It’s also worth checking they will cover you for anything COVID related.

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Thanks citygirl1234, I will give them a call

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Hi Stuc. Check the comparison websites but I have just taken out a yearly policy (worldwide for a couple) and I have declared Vasculitis and Hypertension and the fact I am taking Rituximab and meds for Hypertension. I have also been hospitalised in past 12 months. After several hours trawling different companies I opted for Staysure Insurance and got 15 months for the cost of 12 months. I opted for Monthly payments at £21 pm with a few add ons the basic policy up front would have been around £200 inc vat.

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Thanks Investigator1,

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I also have GPA, my last Rituximab was a few years ago as Im working in Oman for the past 2yrs.

I went on a cruise and had to get travel insurance, however with GPA i dont think this was covered as it is an underlying chronic illness. You should get Travel Insurance apart from GPA been covered whilst abroad.....

To be honest I have never required any emergancy treatment due to GPA, as long as you manage your medication then you should have no issues.

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thanks for your response

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