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Travel insurance

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My mums off to Ireland soon and we think she should have travel insurance.

She has been well without illness for 20 months taking just 5mg Prednisolone and antibiotic all that time.

Which is the best insurance company to deal with, not just the cheapest?

15 Replies
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We travel to Australia quite regularly and the best Insurance company we have found meeting our needs ( complications involving my wife and vasculitis for me) is "All Clear".

They will quote for Annual Travel Insurance worldwide excluding North America and the Caribbean. If adding in the latter two the premium does jump up quite high due to the exorbitant medical fees there.

You can apply online (you get a discount if you do) or phone direct. Be sure though too mention ALL medical problems and medications you take when you apply. If phoning I have found the staff very helpful.

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We use World First but whoever you use, please ensure that once you'd declared the illnesses, they are included in your cover. Sometimes they cover you, but exclude the illnesses declared.

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Are you travelling to Northern Ireland ?? luggsey

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No, the Republic, Southern bit.

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Suzym2uModerator in reply to luggsey

There are a few mentioned here on the VUK website if it helps :-)

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luggsey in reply to Suzym2u

I used Freedom Insurance so please make sure the commission is paid. I mentioned VUK of course.

It was £320 for four if us, two pensioners one being Mum with Vasculitus and Dad with high blood pressure, this is seven days in Southern Ireland but the cover is foe Europe. Expensive or what!

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I used a company called Top Dog to cover me in the United States about 5 months after I came out of hospital, they were actually the only people who would cover me. But I now use a company called Goodtogo and I get annual policies, although now admittedly excluding the states!

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I have used Stay Sure for many years now and have had no trouble getting insured with them and i have several complaints. They cover over 200 illnesses. Good Luck

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I have found Virgin Insurance very good... You must be aware that when you have declared all the details of medical condition most insurance companies will not cover you for these !! You must tell them you want the medical conditions covered, this usually means they have to go to an underwriter to see if they will offer cover.. Of cause this comes at an additional price, but you would then be covered for your declared medical condition..

Hope this is of help.

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Thanks for the replies so far, I didn't know your declared conditions would be excluded!

Glad I asked....

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dimas62 in reply to luggsey

Have used both Staysure and All Clear and the extra cost for covering PMR/GCA is very small.

I have not been able to get travel or life cover since I was diagnosed 25 months ago. Should you find someone who will do let me know please.

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luggsey in reply to

I got cover with Freedom, all info on the VUK website, link in Suzym2u post above. Good luck.

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Yes definitely insurance - although the European E11 card will cover her for most things. But my sister lost all her drugs in flight over and had to osy for these (v v exp) & then claim when she came back. Try Stay Sure or All Clear. Both companies do fir ore-exuding conditions and older people. Only issue is the 'remission' diesnt get picked up on-line (get discount) if you phone will do. Only need European cover for either a one off holiday or one year (I found they were quite near each other in price so went for the one year). Hope she enjoys the trip Take copy of prescription, all doctor details and list of illnesses with her and all meds (take at least few days extra) should be in her hand luggage If she has injections - ask Dr for special letter saying she needs to carry these - will need at security - she can get bags (almost like a wallet about 4"x8" takes about 4 injection pens) that keeps them cool for travelling - try Amazon.

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Good advice Mal, thanks everyone for your help.

Now, will it rain in Ireland?

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