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Hi everyone- I have Churg Strauss syndrome and am seeking good worldwide travel insurance . I have just turned 66 and Virgin Money (which was an excellent deal) have more than doubled the premium. Can anyone recommend other insurers that are happy with!? I realise it may be same age problem but worth exploring!

Many thanks

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  • You will have to shop around but this page from the VUK website is a good starting point.

  • Thanks Suzy- very useful- ploughing my way through the suggestions!

  • I recently had to get travel insurance for a single trip to Australia, with cover required for vasculitis and consequent renal and for cardiac.

    Shopping around was absolutely essential, with a huge range of premia for the medical conditions.

    I concluded with Blue Bear as the cheapest (but not cheap) of a bad bunch. They are a bit complicated in that they issue the basic insurance and the medical cover as two separate transactions - but that does give clarity as to what one is paying for.

  • Just to add, if of interest -

    Whilst away a vasculitic rash flared up. However local medical attention was unecessary because I simply e-mailed a photo to my friendly consultant in London and got advice by return to resume a dose of prednisolone and then attend her clinic when I got back to London.

    I had taken spare supplies of prednisolone and azathioprine for just such an eventuality.

    The need for additional medical insurance when modern technology makes this sort of thing so easy is a bit vexing.

    I concede I would still need cover for the cardiac as that can cause an immediate emergency. However in my case at least I have the good fortune that the vasculitis / renal would not be an emergency provided I can jump on it quickly with additional medication - and it's really this that pushes the premium so high.

  • Thanks so much for replying jgold! I am calling them today. Also you make a really good point. As long as I always have pred with me and my consultant's email, I'm sure I'll be fine. But, there is always the risk of medical emergency.

  • Always take your consultants contact details and extra medication.

  • This is a challenge ... for short term insurance I find the premium can be several multiples of the standard insurance. A recent check on annual premiums suggests the medical cover is an additional 1.5 times the basic premium on top. Certainly need to check the cover provided too!

  • Thanks for replying pwc51- it's certainly expensive to be unwell and travel!

  • Hi I too have Churg Strauss, and am 69 years of age.I booked travel insurance for my husband and I in November for a short 4 day cruise to be taken this year, with Staysure travel . I think they are mentioned on this site as one of the insurers to try . Had to go through quite a lengthy questionnaire, but no problems getting insured, and for what I consider to be a reasonable price.

  • Thank you nanaC- appreciate reply and am busy checking out many providers. Have a lovely cruise!

  • I had to get travel insurance last year for a 24 day cruise. some of the ones i looked at were just as dear as the cruise. I found to be fantastic it only cost me £188.19.

    A lot i know but, a lot better than some of the others out there. I have Wegeners (12 years) which affects my lungs, plus i had a DVT last April, and breast cancer nearly 2 years ago.

    This was for Worldwide Travel.

    Enjoy your holiday X

  • Sounds good Greenkit, I'll certainly check it out. Hope you have a wonderful cruise!

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