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Hi Guys, when I have finished my chemotherapy I would like to have a short break in Europe, but I know getting insurance may be a problem. Also I will get consultant agreement that I fit to travel. I hope that you are all having easier days, I know some of you are not , to those people I hope that things improve for you soon . As for me another 4 infusions can't say that it been easy, but got to be done. Keep Sprites up . Kind regards to you all Lorraine 😘😯😀

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  • Hi Lorraine, I travel to France a lot, I have MPA and have use Staysure travel ins. They cover people with Vasculitis. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  • Have a look on the VUK website. I believe there's a section on insurance. Personally we use

  • I have a few illnesses, DVT,

    Breast cancer(1 year), Wegener's granulomatosis, Chronic airflow limitation.

    I asked my Dr if i could go, he said go on holiday as it would do me the world of good. I am sure yours will say the same.

    I went on a 24 night cruise to the Caribbean some of the prices i was quoted were ridiculous they were nearly as much as the cruise. I finally found a company called All Clear Travel cost me £188.19.

    Enjoy your holiday. I can recommend a cruise :)

  • I travelled in the middle of my 6 Cyclophosphamide infusions - my consultant gave me permission, and rearranged some dates to suit me. I was just going to Ireland, but it still involved flights, and I had to arrange insurance. I was travelling to attend a much-wanted-to-go-to academic conference, which had a fixed date, and I'd miss if I couldn't go then.

    Vasculitis UK's page about travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, including listing companies who are known to be helpful, is at

    In my case I got insurance - and have more recently too - with Freedom. They have an online screening system, which handled my particularly rare form of vasculitis, as well as related conditions. I felt fully covered, fully declared, and was happy with the price.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • This page may help.. comes recommended by members if VUK.. you may have to shop around

  • Hi guys , many thanks for your feed back regarding travel insurance . Regards Lorraine.

  • Hi I found Virgin the cheapest 1yr world travel which covered GPA and adrenal insufficiency cost £100. I hope you find one that suits you.

    Happy holidays are

  • I have found Virgin very good for my short break insurance. (GPA)

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