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I'm Going Away, For The Week

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Dear Friends,

I'm going away, this week, Monday to Friday and I'm NOT taking a Computer! Sorry but I'm on Holiday and, in my Book anyway, that means leaving the 'Tec' behind. I will take my Mobile, which makes Phone Calls (and sends Texts) and will use it's in built Radio. Heck I may even 'Splash Out' and use the Alarm- steady on Andrew.

Clearly I WILL 'check', my Posts, on my return....once I'm settled back Home, that is. What I'm really saying is that I'm going 'AWOL', for a while- as the Americans might say.

'Talk' to, you all, soon. Kindest Wishes


7 Replies
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Have a lovely holiday.

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Hi Andrew, Better still leave hephone behind too unless you need it for emergencies. But you don't really need it for anything else in the hinterland. Have a great time away from all the stress that modern tech gives you.

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How wonderful for you! For one week all you need is your phone; but if, you must, a tablet is fine. I would love my life to be tech free. Where ever you are going, I hope it will be whatever you are dreaming of. Have fun, good friend. And don't forget your wallet, sunglasses, and camera. Do tell when you get back....

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Have a lovely week Andrew

Susan 😊

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Have a lovely relaxing time away. 😎


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Have a great time Andrew

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Have a good holiday Andrew.

From Rita

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