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Does livido reticularis ever go away?

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I have developed livido reticularis rash on my limbs due to my vasculitis. It looks so unsightly.

Just wondered if anybody else suffers from this and if it goes away once symptoms are "under control" or will I be stuck with it?

Kind regards

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I have been told by my doctor that no it may not go away. I have it on my legs trunk and arms. It is awful. I am still waiting on a proper dx but dr said treatment is very strong so not sure what I am doing yet. My legs are so inflammed and have broken out into a terrible spotty rash which I use diprobase and lavender to try and heal. But slow to heal.

Thank you for your reply. I know it's awful isn't it I do hope it goes esp with summer looming.

Your legs sound like how mine where before starting on prednisalone. The acute inflammation has gone and livedo rash has paled but still very noticeable. I am also awaiting a proper diagnosis. They say I either have cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa (CPAN) or systemic polyarteritis nodosum (PAN) still awaiting more tests to hopefully to rule out systemic version.

What other symptoms to you have? Happy to chat

I have been told it is vasculitis but have another blood test next week. My doctor has admitted he does not know much about vasculitis. I am 56 years and have been bothered most of my life with sinus problems, allergies, ringing in my ears, ear infections, developed asthma late on in life. Discoid rash but tests for lupus came back negative 8 years ago. Since then livedo on legs had deepened and spots break out, bleed and never ever seem to heal. Headaches. Pins and needles in legs which jump constantly when in bed. Same kind of spots are on elbows and shoulders. High blood pressure, raynauds, high cholesterol levels. Ulcers in mouth, hair breaking off at sides of face along with rash over nose and cheeks. Extreme tiredness. Goodness me just putting this on paper is more than enough. I personally think I have churg strauss syndrome due to the late on set asthma. Tested p-anca positive. Also had positive smooth muscle result. So meantime I am receiving no treatment for vasculitis. They say no to lupus. Drs even put me to psychologist as said basically all in my head! Hope you get a proper dx soon as it is awful not knowing. Linda

Oh I'm so sorry you have had a really rough time. You do seem to have a lot of symptoms. It's horrible when the docs don't know much about what is wrong with you I was misdiagnosed during pregnancy and was in the worst pain for months. With something like vasculitis it's important to have a good team. I'm sure if you email one of the people on vasculitis uk they will help you find a specialist in your area. I really hope you get answers soon. Thankyou I will give st tropez a go!

hi, has your livedo gone away?

I have it all over.. my arms are worse but I have it on my legs and torso... it does go with iv drugs but returns the next day.

I have it and it is still there 8 years after staring treatment it fades when I am feeling not too bad and gets very distinct when ill. I get it all over my body.

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When I am ill it is very distinct and get it on arms and bum! Love to have a really really hot bath sos I can have normal coloured legs.

Thankyou for your replies. Do any of you use anything to cover it or anything? Or does tanning make it better or worse do you know? Thinking of buying camouflage makeup for the summer if I'm going to be stuck with it!

I use st tropez or similar self tan. Helps a bit in making you feel better.

I've lived with it all my life so it's not something I worry about really and due to burning in the sun I tend to keep covered up anyway.

I have. same blotchiness. I believe it is the vessels leaking and the blood gets under the skin. it should fade in time. Could take up to a year.

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