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Is this Wetter Weather, a Relief?


Is anyone else finding, this lovely wet weather, a considerable Relief? What I'm getting to is- Have you been able to 'GO'? I have found (sh)it so!

It is, quite amazing, how quickly I got Phenomenal Relief. I guess it must have 'Something', to do with, the temperature, moisture levels (humidity), or indeed, that's it's just NOT so f..king hot!!!! Whatever, the reason I'm just SO happy- or should that be Crappy? I'm interested, to know, if anyone else, has felt such Wonderful Relief too.


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Hot weather can make you dehydrated. Being dehydrated is a cause of constipation as your body retains all the fluid it can - concentrated urine and hard stools are the result.


John is certainly finding the cooler weather a relief and the gardens certainly need it

Susan 😊

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