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Latest findings on Manuka Honey might be worth a try

I dont know if this will be any help to anyone here, but I am going to try and get my hands on a couple of jars of Rowse Manuka Honey, as they claim it has high antibacterial properties and is effective for MRSA and all difficult and stubburn infections, but what is better still, I was told it is effective in controlling inflammation, I really hope it works, maybe someone else has already tried it here? Waitrose are selling it for £11.96 for a Rowse Manuka Active15 + clear on offer, lets hope it lives up to what they say, maybe we can all get some relief with this stuff thought Id give it a whirl, or maybe someone here has tried it, has it worked for you??

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A couple of years ago one of the American sites were singing the praises of Manuka Honey. They said it was good for all the things you mention. They said it was good for skin problems, the thing is I never knew if they meant to inwardly digest or whether they meant to rub it on (lol).

Anyway, I bought some, (told it had to be 15+) at great expense. The honey was wonderful but quite honestly I didn't feel any different at the end of the jar, and I am a honey fan.

Having said that I do believe that sometimes these things are in our heads and if we think they are doing us good then by golly they are doing us good. I swear by my omega 3 once a day capsules and the organic flaxseed I sprinkle on my morning cereal. Others might think that to get any benefit I'd have to swallow the capsules by the handful and eat flaxseed with every meal, but I think it is doing me good, and that's what matters.



I have had a colostomy for 20 or so years with very little problem.

I have had Microscopic polyangiitis for 4 years now & during the first 18 months of treatment the skin where my colostomy bag had to be attached deteriorated so badly that it was getting difficult to attach the bag, my life at that time was at it`s darkest. My wife suggested using Manuka Honey,with which I filled the open wounds & rubbed into the surounding skin.

Within a few days there was a noticable difference & after 3 weeks you could hardly tell there had been a problem.

In the last 18 months I have had a new shoulder & 2 new hips,the after affect of predinisolone the day before each operation I rubbed the honey into the appropriate area, not a wiff of infection !!

I have used Manuka Honey from different places, including Asda & Aldi, they all seem to work as well as each other, although I have to say I prefere the thick rather than the clear, not as messy



Honey is a very saturated sugar syrup and because of that all honey is highly anti-bacterial and does not "go off" or go mouldy, even if kept for years - which is why the bees make it that way, it is their winter store. The ancient Egyptians used honey as part of their mummifying process. As an ex bee keeper, I think special claims for Manuka honey might be more a clever marketing ploy than a scientific fact. Its beneficial effects would only be when applied to the skin - taken internally it might be delicious, but no different to any other honey.

However, if if makes you feel better, it's good!


Thanks, well will give it a whirl anyway : )


I bought some Manuka Honey, it's only 10+ but I got it in Aldi for £3.99 :-)


Excellent value, sounds reasonable to me at that price!!!


I had a number of necrotic wounds that were treated firstly in the Western Genral in Edinburgh and then by the district nurses with Manuka Honey.


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