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Why is this now happening?

Dear all,

I have been a member, of this 'forum', as a lot of you know, for some years now. Recently however, when I get a post, I have been asked to enter my 'log in' details-in order to access it. This wasn't the case, until fairly recently, if I was posted-to my Email-then the assumption was that I was me! Indeed I am me, so to speak, is this an additional security check? No doubt the fault of the 'Hackers'-who's sole intention seems to be to upset/disrupt everyone else! I won't actually tell you what I an calling them-under my breath-except that is not pleasant and rhymes with 'Muckers'!

Anyway if it keeps us safe(r), from these silly...erm....sausages, then I suppose it's worth it!

I know that some of us, myself included, have to be carful in the sun and, not withstanding this, is everyone enjoying the recent warm(er) weather?

Keep well everyone (well, as well, as it's possible to be well-oh well!)


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I'm having the same problem, frustrating is'nt it. Thoroughly enjoying the nice weather feeling quite good for someone with vasculitis. Life is always better when the sun shines.


I had that problem too for a while though it now seems to have stopped. What I have noticed though is a number of posts for example about Lupus, Vasculitis etc and I'm not certain why! Have the posters of those also got ovarian cancer as it doesn't appear clear, to me anyway.

Don't get me wrong, these people obviously need to talk to someone but is there not specific forums for those diseases too. I really know nothing about them so am in no position to comment or offer advice from my own experience to the writers.

I have been wondering if everyone else has been getting those posts too or is it a blip in my system? Ann x


Yes having to log in each time is a bit of a pain seeing that I must look at the site at least three times a day!

Every bit of sun makes you feel physically and mentally great so as they say we need the D vitamin am jolly well making the most if it! Keep well and enjoy!


I don't really know 'thesilent1' I haven't had many 'rouge' posts myself. The is a certain amount of 'overlap', between the various 'forums' within this system. Part of the problem, seems to be, that a major change 'happened' (was forced onto us) by the people who run provide these forums-not our people John, Susan, Sarah and so on. It is the ones who actually provide the system-Susan HAS made 'representations', on our behalf, I know. Apparently to little avail, it would appear! Maybe a 'note' to Susan, might help-worth a try?

Yes to good weather is nice-except that I, like the rest of us, have to be carful actually in the sun. Myself particularly-since I have had a Kidney Transplant, in July 2013.

Best wishes AndrewT


Keep well. A nn


Dear Ann,

Thanks-I'll do my best to keep well. You to babe.



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