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Weather is STILL, too hot for me!

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Dear All,

This extended Summer, is Good/Nice in many ways- it's a shame that I can't poo though! (I'm also Limping, my left heal hurts- Oh Well, 'mustn't grumble'. I'm as sore as F..k, around my Bum and Under my arms.) Every Single, Bl--dy Time It's Hot I can't 'Go'. Sorry I'm just having a moan, because my 'Tummy' hurts, and I need a CRAP, now I've said it......I NEED A SHIT, In fact I'm Dying for one!

I know that it's not 'Like' me, to moan, but.....There Are times, even I, have to.

Anyway 'gripe' (what an appropriate word) over, enjoy the weather, whilst it lasts.

Sorry once again.


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Have you tried senokot? Prunes? Spinkling a teaspoon of flaxseed on your cereal?

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AndrewT in reply to Katie18

Dear Katie,

I haven't tried Flax Seed, I don't 'Know' that one, but yes all of the above. Funnily enough and, almost certainly because I 'groused' about (sh)it, I HAVE 'been' this morning. Ok my 'Botty' is still rather sore, nothing unusual there, but I'm reeling quite- not entirely though- relieved. I'm also Farting very well, this morning, so perhaps 'Things' are On The Move. I will put a Pad on, when I'm out- it lets me Wet anyway- just 'In Case' it does come out....Oh what joy!

I hope that 'Things' are Going OK, for you too, Katie. Personally I can't wait, until the weather changes- hopefully a lovely Thunder Storm, that REALLY helps me.

Thank you, for your suggestions though, by the way- What is Flax Seed, is it a cereal?


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Katie18 in reply to AndrewT

It’s a seed from a plant. You can buy it from Holland and Barrat and they do it is a mix in Aldi supermarket to sprinkle on porridge or cereal and in stews and casseroles. It has many health benefits

Good luck with it & glad you feel better today

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AndrewT in reply to Katie18

Thank you Katie, I'll look into that. My 'Tummy' is making strange noises so, I'm hoping, that I WILL mess myself when I'm would be Great, to feel 'All Sticky' again!

Thank you, once again


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AndrewT in reply to Katie18

Dear Katie,

I now have a VERY sore 'Bottom', am Very smelly, but extremely relieved! I have spent, most of, the afternoon 'Wetting and Messing' myself- it's a good Job (if you excuse the 'toilet' pun) that I have some Good Quality Pads. Do I MIND being sore...NOT if I am so 'Relieved'. Do I MIND the smell, to be honest, not really- in fact I've just wet myself again. I will change, cream, powder and Sooth myself, in a minute.

I do understand, that this, is NOT the most salubrious of subjects but this IS a Forum for Problems, associated with Vasculitis/ Autonomic Conditions. I am also, very aware, that I am, far from, alone in having 'Toilet Troubles'.

Anyway, I'm off for a Shower, and then probably my Night Clothes- not forgetting a new Pad (I'm pretty much guaranteed, to wet myself, several more times, during the night.) I will also apply 'Tons' of ointment, to help stop me getting much sorer.

I hope that you get good relief to Katie and Thank You, for your kind reply.


Hi Andrew, I have the same problem, I have had senakot, prune juice, movicol ,Dulcolax and iam now on lactulose and that seems to work. I take a 1/2 cap full every night till I go then cut down. Hope you soon get sorted


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AndrewT in reply to SandieB

Dear Sandie,

Sorry, to hear, that you are in 'The Same Boat', as me- rotten, isn't? Do you sometimes just want to f..king SCREAM? (maybe you DO scream) By the way, what sort of Pads/Pants/Nappies do you wear. I have been using some that a friend, who worked in a Nursing Home, got me but I don't have too many left, hence my question. I suppose that I could look 'on line' or ask, at a Chemist. I just wondered if you had any ideas. Size Wise, I'm FAT, and when I do 'go'...I DO 'GO'!

Update, in the last few minutes, I have Messed And Wet myself, yet again.....Isn't life wonderful sometimes! I will definitely be putting a clean pad on, before bed.

Happy days, I hope that this Happens to you to Sandie.

Wishing you 'Lovely Sticky Smelly Pants'.


I use chlorella. It's some sort of algae that's smooshed into tablet form. Makes poo green, but helps you go, or stop going. I think it is generally used to clean your bowel walls. I like the idea of it going in there and taking some of the old meds out that are just hanging around.

I get mine at the chiropractor where they take care of the quality of the thing. I think of it as a giant serving of vegetables.

Thanks for starting this thread. I may try some of the other suggestions.

An all consuming problem when things aren't right! Good luck!

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AndrewT in reply to Jessileigh

Dear Jessileigh,

Thank you, for the suggestion, actually my Bowels/ Tummy/ Poo and 'Toilet Pain' seem better today- probably because I have sh.t several times, since yesterday! I still don't feel 'Quite Right' and, I'm sure, that I have more 'In' me but I'm VERY much relived today. I will put another, 'Heavy Duty' pad, on tonight- making sure that also DRINK plenty too. Excuse me, for repeating myself, but I NEED the rain- it helps me POOOOOO!

Are you 'Helped', by any weather conditions, Jess? A lovely Thunderstorm is the BEST, for me- Oh do I GO!

Thank you, once again, for your reply it is appreciated.


I will have to pay closer attention to the weather. It did start raining a couple days ago and that's when I got relief....

I know it affects my pain and migraines.

I know that this isn't the most Salubrious, of subjects, but I've got a, fairly bad, Tummy Ache. I think that I'll just, do my teeth, put on a Pad, have a long drink and go to bed. Hopefully, by morning, I will be 'All Sticky' and Smelly! I will have to be 'Up', quite early though, I need to be ready by nine- or just after. Just as well that I DIDN'T change the sheets, isn't it?

Excuse me 'Indulging Myself', it's just that now I CAN 'Go', I might as well enjoy (sh)it.

Anyway, if you will Pardon Me, I need to get ready now- my bladders filling up.

Very best wishes, to you all


It is now, just over, a week since I 'Posted' that. Yes I DID wet the bed, twice I think, and Messed it- to some extent to. Currently, my Poo, is 'Hard But manageable'- thou I have eaten a LOT of cheese recently- so it will, almost certainly, get (much) harder.

I have taken to wearing a Pad, quite a bit, recently due to increased 'Bladder Activity'- not that I 'Mind' really, I wet myself as a child and into my teens. I might 'Mention' it, to my Consultant, the next time I see him....though I might 'forget'...…..

Soggy wishes, to all


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