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I have recently been awarded ill health pension, with a lump sum and arrears dating back to January 2017. I understand they will reduce my contribution based ESA from my weekly payments. However I am worried they are going to take my arrears too as I was claiming ESA throughout last year. I am concerned I will have nothing left. I sent the paperwork in 4 weeks ago, called them and they confirmed they had received it but would not confirm the outcome. Help I am worried

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Have you contacted your local Citizerns Advice Bureau? I am sure they will be able to give you information and advice. This link will help you find out where your local branch is in England

Whatever figures they give you get checked as they have not gone one stage right with me inckuding the P60. You can check what they will reduce your ESA by for your pension. Go to CAB if possible.

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thank you

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