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Hi all, wondering if anyone has any info about ESA. I received a letter telling me I would be coming off of IS and onto ESA, in the support group. I filled out all of the forms for it and then today I received a letter to say I will be getting £119 a week. This is going to work out around £250 less a month than when I was on income support and I am unsure why. Is there a set amount that everyone gets or do they look at what money you already have i.e savings? Thanks

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  • Hi there, are you getting help with rent/mortgage from ESA also? A year ago I was on IB and IS. I was transferred over to ESA and my weekly money dropped, and also the money paid towards housing costs... I ended up with nearly £200 less a month. Because of this I have a large shortfall every month to pay towards the mortgage interest.

    Do you get any other income apart from the ESA money, this might be a factor. Have you also tried to ring them to ask why the difference?


  • Regie79, I am pretty much in the same position as you, I am on ESA and although they contribute some towards my interest I still have a large shortfall to pay also, I also get some DLA because I am too ill to get back to work but none of which goes very far, by the time you have paid for food and the bills my bank account is going down each month and its such a worry, I am trying to sell off my flat but that wont sell either, my service charge is extortionate every month although ESA reckon they contribute somthing to that I still have a lot to pay out. Clearly they are keeping us sick people on and below poverty line, I cannot even afford Christmas this year at all. If I was well enough Id get back to work but despite all my Vasculitus symptoms I have 2 missing discs and bone problems. I think they could help us out a bit more than they do.

  • Hi Ezela,

    I am lucky that a good friend of mine is also my financial adviser. He has really helped me out over the last 2-3 years and has elevated a lot of pressure. If you are having a lot of financial hardship because of commitments, then an independent financial adviser might be of help! If you can’t sell your home and can’t afford your commitments, then maybe look into the Mortgage Rescue Scheme: I would still speak to an independent financial adviser before making any solid plans.


  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the reply, I am sorry to hear you have also had problems with this. I got the letter this evening when I got home so I havent phoned them yet. When I was getting income support I lived in a flat on my own and was also getting housing benefit, wondering if maybe you get an extra amount if you are living on your own. As im not too well at the moment I am living with my Mum, I informed the LA as I was on housing benefit so they stopped that. Then I got the letter to say that my IS benefit was changing over to ESA and thats when I got this letter today with the new amount. I also get DLA but I have been on the same amount now for quite a few years. The only thing that has changed is that I am not on housing benefit anymore. It concerns me as I want to get my own place in a few months when things have settled down a bit with my health but looking at my income I am worried as to whether I can afford it. I dont work at the moment as I am too unwell so I dont have any other money coming in.


  • Hi Lucy,

    I would not panic - you just need to find out the facts first from the DWP!

    As you mentioned it might be that you are living with your mum, this might be a possible factor, or might not. In regards to your DLA benefit, this should not affect your ESA. This link might help you:

    If you are not happy with what you are told by the DWP then see if you can get an appointment with Citizens advice bureau. Here is there link:

    Not sure if the above advice is of any help, I do know myself that the system can be very frustrating at times! Really not what one needs, when trying to deal with their own illness/disability problems.


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