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Be Careful Everyone

Many of us, if not all of us, use Google as our Search Engine. I had a VERY strange 'thing' happen recently....I logged in as Normal, to be told that I was 'Locked Out'. Apparently this was for a Contravention, of their Rules?? Had I done 'Something' wrong? Maybe spent the whole day watching Porn? Perhaps Looked Up Rape, or Abuse? Worse still been involved in Criminal Activity? Well Actually NO, not at all, I had been Hacked!!! (Yes I know that there are THREE Exclamation Marks). There was a Box, underneath, that could be completed if it was NOT 'you'. This let me, at least, Log In, but not much else.

Clearly Google are Aware, of these 'Problems', as I was then able to Re-enter, my password, and then change the entire 'Log In'.

I'm now safely 'Back On', with a new Password, and no Blemish on my Record. However I'm still rather Shocked! Perhaps I shouldn't be though, after all these 'People' (to be politer, than they deserve) clearly take pleasure in this sort of thing. so I'm passing this on to, you all, as a Warning.

I still have absolutely no idea, to any real desire to know, exactly WHAT was 'Googled' in my name. Sorry if this has 'Rambled', a bit.


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hi i'm not trying to worry you but from reading your post you say you used a box underneath to re-enter your details .....how do you know you have not entered all of your details into the hackers own site?

obviously i can't see what you saw on your screen and i am in no way a computer expert but i cant help thinking something isn't as it seems


Exactly what I thought, this is a well known trick. They then hit you a couple of weeks later when you think everything is ‘back to normal’, or they do not do anything because they can view everything on your computer where you have given them access.


Sorry Andrew, but like the previous 2 replies, I think you didn't avoid an 'attack' but opened the door to it when you entered your details on the page you thought was from Google.

I would be very concerned about using the computer that you entered your details on.


As the others have said, it's a common trick to get you to reveal your details. I would suggest some remedial action to be on the safe side:

Type google.co.uk into the address bar of your browser. Don't click a link or favourite to open it, just in case. If you're not logged in, log in now.

You should see your name and maybe your picture at the top right of the screen. Click it once, then click My Account. Change your password and run the security check-up. Have a look through some of the options there, like Manage Your Google Activity and Apps With Account Access, and check for anything you don't recognise.

On your computer, update and run your antivirus.

Apologies if this is something that you already know how to do, but I prefer to cover the basics, just in case :)

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