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So my bloods have come back that I have tested positive for Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody

Could someone tell me what this means, I have ongoing issues with severe pins and needles/numbness, b12 deficient, iron deficient, reoccurring respiratory infections, I have also had problems last year with losing my sight in one eye for several minutes and visual disturbances, and also been mild neutropenic and anaemic in the last year. GP referred me to neurologist who did a physical exam checked my reflexs and eyes, and then said in light of my symptoms and low B12 he would write to my doctor for me to be started on B12 as he thought this is the likely cause. He also ran some tests, of which I have no idea. So my GP hasn't heard from neurologist, but has had the blood work come back and he said that I tested positive for ANCA but in light of the other tests said its not relevant. Could anyone tell me, what testing positive for these antibiodies means in light of my symptoms?

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Hi ic24,

This is a link that explains all about ANCA

Unfortunately it's impossible to say what it means in the context of you and your symptoms, you really need to see a Consultant with experience in diagnosing Vasculitis to work that out.

What I would say is that it's not a routine blood test, the Neuro must have had a good reason for doing it.

The best thing to do is phone or e mail John or myself on the Vasculitis UK Helpline ( my e mail is ) and we can talk things through and hopefully point you in the direction of the nearest experienced Consultant.

If your B12 is low then I hope that no one is delaying giving you the loading dose by injection to replace it?

Best wishes



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