Bump on top of head?

Wondering if anyone else has gotten red bumps on thier head before? I've had a red raised bump on my head for a month now. Much like my leg two years ago I am thinking I hit it at work or its from my hard hat? Starting to get suspicious. It has been there for a month now and some days it's painful and tender to touch and others I don't notice it much? Curious if anyone else has encountered such a thing?

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  • It's not a subcutaneous cyst is it?

  • I hope not. That sounds bad. It feels like a cut but I know I didnt hit it. It kind of comes and goes. Right now it's flaring up

  • Don't worry about it being a cyst as they're very common. Having said that, go and get it checked out at your doctors, better safe then sorry.

  • I have had them, the Dr put me on antibiotics, i had to have 3 lots before they cleared now i have a spare box to use if they come back, i can get them sorted before they become a problem. Only had to use the spare twice but, cleared within a few days instead of waiting for a Dr's appointment so giving them a chance to get hold.

    See your Dr he will now the best course to take and also put your mind at rest. Good luck XX

  • So I don't know about across the pond but here in canada it would take 6 months before I'd see the dermatologist and by then my body has sorted it out. I swear my vasculitis is messed up. Any way the bump is mysteriously gone. Like it was never there. Really wondering if being outside camping is a fix. Lol. Listening to the Beatles love is all you need. Just got to enjoy life. Try to as much as you can.

  • Spoke too soon. Just got up from sitting at the fire for the last couple hours just chilling and ok I'm on an incline but now that I got up I have a wierd bump/nodule and I know it's my veins and the blood was cut off. All from relaxing. Have I said I am enjoying life. Lol. One thing is for sure. I am learning everyday how not to do things. Maybe one day I will get it right. I'm writing this standing and rubbing my belly bump to get the blood flowing in my 60 year old arterised veins.

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