Anyone else have itching/tender skin on face?

This has just started 3 days ago, it only occurs in the evening and into the night. It only affects my face, nowhere else, and it feels a lot like sunburn but the skin isn't red! I have reduced prednisolone from 6mg to 5mg daily over the last couple of weeks. Could this be the cause? Don't know what to make of it, any ideas anyone?

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  • Hi Ayla, my Mum got red blotches over her face and itchy skin when she tapered her steroids down. It mostly cleared up after a few days with help from e45 dermologic cream.

  • I had a really itchy neck which gradually got worse over a few weeks going from minor to major itching , this coincided with a high potassium level in my blood next blood test back to normal and itching disappeared

  • Thank you, both, for your replies. Both are interesting. Tonight the sunburn effect is much less. I am left wondering if it is a high potassium level. I will get medical advice if it doesn't continue to improve.


  • Hi Ayla, I had this. My face felt very hot to touch and was very itchy mainly at night, and the skin was a little flaky. I went to see my GP, who said it was excema. She gave me some very mild steroid cream , some emollient to plaster on overnight, and some diprobase moisture cream to put on during the day. It meant no make up for a month, but was worth it!!!! Worked wonders!! I still use the diprobase as a moisturiser everyday now, and if my skin is very dry, the emollient is fantastic.

  • Thanks for this, sar1980. Have seen the GP today who thinks this is high potassium in the blood as I also have palpitations and, occasionally, slight nausea. All this seems linked with recent major abdo surgery, high bp meds and kidney failure stage 3 (caused by the vasculitis). Blood test will tell for sure but, in the meantime, i have to avoid potassium rich foods. Very grateful for all your help - it certainly ended up putting me on the right track! Keep well everyone!


  • I agree Ayla, the problem may well be 'dietary, have you had you phosphate checked recently; this can cause bad itching, almost anywhere, if it get too high. Mine was checked monthly, when I was on dialysis- I believe it is still checked now, when I attend hospital. I had a Kidney Transplant about three, and a half, months ago. Also (never start a sentence with this word, by the way) you could well have a skin infection, of some kind, I assume you are on immune-suppressants?

    Apart from the above, and a whole 'host' of other things, I take it your fine!! What I mean is your alive, despite everything- well done!

    I send you my best wishes and prayers


  • Thanks, Andrew. Have only just seen your reply - this site doesn't seem to send me email notification of replies or even postings any more. I am fine now, no odd symptoms any more. Still convinced it was high potassium, probably linked to the recent surgery. Apparently potassium is normally 98% contained in the body's cells, but surgery or major trauma causes cells to be crushed, releasing their potassium into the blood stream, thus upping the normal blood levels. I reckon they should warn you about this when you go in for an op.!

    Congrats to you, too, for surviving!


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