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Something's Twisted

Hello everyone hope your week has been kind & gentle to you all ♥️

Umm, I'm struggling, I know I'm waiting on my appointment to come through the post. But something inside me feels twisted..

I haven't eaten now in 3 days, my right rib cage has been a nightmare the last week in half. Below it now I have terrible pain, unbearable at times. I can't eat!

Sounds a little dramatic, but I don't get any pain until I eat. It's like a throbbing gurgling pain under my rib cage not sure what organs are below it but it's unfamiliar to me. I can't drink coffee or tea. A few sips of water this morning but ended up throwing up bile. 🙁 it's like my right side is bubbling, & I get the odd movement under the rib cage. It's swollen, I've just got over the flu.. and was coughing a lot but this feels more under the rib not the actual cage.

As soon as I start eating & swallow it feels sore as hell. 20 mins after food & im crippled in pain.. I'm

Too scared to eat. It's been every time I've consumed food & fluids.

In this heat I need it too keep up with fluids but it's a painful nightmare.

Can vasculitis effect the stomach.. or organs like the gut.. intestines & pancreas?

Feels like I have a scotch bonnet in my belly. Constantly burning, rumbling but with pain, I know when your hungry your stomach makes sounds but mine feel like mini electric shocks!

God what's happening to me..


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If it is as bad as you say then I think you need to call 111 and ask them for advice (I'm assuming you are in the UK?).


Yes I am in the U.K. Instead of A&E waiting hours are phenomenal! I'm booked in for out of hours at the hospital @ 7.


That's good - these things always seem to happen/get worse at the weekend and bow it is a LONG weekend! Mind you - with the weather and the holiday I bet A&E isn't too bad today...


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