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Looks like I've swallowed a melon !

Hi all, since my good news of referral I've come down with a horrible cold! So been tucked up in bed the past week.

Appointment for Birmingham hasn't come through the post yet.. so I'm hoping my doctor sticks to her word !

Having stitches out today 9am -from the punch biopsy a week ago.

Right.. I'll keep it short.

I'm quite thin due to being unwell, & have lost a lot weight. But I've noticed I can't do up my jeans. My stomach is very bloated..

I stopped my intake of wheat.. thinking it was that. But even having soup or a cup of tea makes me swell. & it's very uncomfortable.. hard & round.

I saw the doctor vaguely. & pregnancy test: Negative. But she said does look like you have a melon in there..

She said "it's the vasculitis Laura"

I've never swelled before. I don't have periods..,

I've been drinking fruit water, bowels are ok.

Stuck... x

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Laura, I would phone Birmingham ( Prof Harpers secretary or the specialist nurse who is called Sarah ) and check they have received your referral.

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Hey Keyes,

My dad sent a email to Lorraine last weekend to let her know that my doctor has referred me, & just waiting confirmation from her.

Does it normally take this long ?


Hi Laura

I have some stomach swelling too and its so uncomfortable. I look pregnant and can not put on or do up jeans. Big hug x

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Hey Klc48a

Phew... obv not a good thing we both have it but someone other than my self has..

how are you feeling ? X


Feeling very tired and in a lot of pain with swelling in hands arms legs too. I noticed this evening blood in urine a bit worried about that. I will be glad when I see Rheumatologist. How is your care going are they helpful?.

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Sorry to hear that, it's a battle to get through the day isn't it. I had blood & protein in my urine for 3 months my doctor said I had nothing to worry about but then again I was at low risk of a blood clot & ended up having one. So I don't listen to the GP anymore. Which form have you been diagnosed with ? I'm ANCA positive. & awaiting further tests for suspected GPA. Scary when your ill & waiting. Time goes so slow. I'm waiting to go to B'ham hospital to see professor Lorraine Harper. My doctor finally referred me. Just waiting response. So I'm not on any treatment just bed rest & co codamol. X


I hope they can help you as soon as. I can relate to pain the legs.. omg ! It's awful ! X


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