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Anyone with cellulitis does your cellulitis and/or lymphoedema and/or Vasculitis symptoms change throughout day/night and from day-to-day?

hi anyone with cellulitis - I have burning hot thighs, knees, hips, under the breasts/lower back mainly when I lye/sit down in the eve. When i'm walking about through the day it's not so bad. I don't actually have a definite diagnoses as my GP's are indifferent and focus more on saying I'm in the change of life and stressed!! I have a lot going on like definite Raynards , sudden weight loss (1 stone in one month), raised white blood cells, a recently diagnosed rectocele and bacterial vaginal infection but my symptoms of lumpy fluid/tissue moving around my body and burning red rash that comes and goes matches some of the descriptions I've read online but sometimes the rash is bright red other-times it mottled veins that look like chilblains but they are not. My bloods have not been tested for bacterial infection but viral and liver/kidney all come back within the acceptable range. It is difficult to diagnose ones self as there are a number of conditions very similar and I feel the Dr's don't care and won't refer me to someone who might. Does anyone get the same? Does Anyone have cellulits, lymphoedema and Vasculitis?

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I have Vasculitis and have had recurrent facial cellulitis in the past. It is a nasty skin infection requiring antibiotics. Mine was just in that area and found to be caused by a blockage in my nose causing a build up of bacteria spreading to my face and not due to the vasculitis. I haven't had a reoccurrence since I had an operation to remove the blockage. Hope you get a diagnosis for your symptoms soon.

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