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I was diagnosed with GPA in 2014 and luckily awarded PIP in Nov 2015 without having an interview. It is now time to reassess my claim and a medical professional from ATOS is coming for a home visit on 9/03/2017. I have read conflicting reports about this company and am not sure exactly what this health professional role is, so I would appreciate any help or advice before next week. Thanks

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  • This page from the VUK website maybe helpful but you have to read all the page, there are also different links you can click on which may also help with advice and support.


  • We had a home visit after I refused to do a 70 round trip to the nearest centre with level entry. The assessor was fine, they wanted to see what my husband could do and couldn't do, we were very careful not to answer yes to anything but sometimes and then explain why. Fortunately his hands ceased as he went to sign the form and they could appreciate at least one of the problems

  • my assessor was from Capita. she was a qualified nurse and friendly. Be careful how you phrase things don't say you can do something if you can only do it occasionally. Think worst day. Have someone with you. My daughter was there and certainly contributed.

    Good luck

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