Ideas for working from home?

I'm very interested in hearing what people have found possible in terms of working from home, or working in a reduced capacity because of their health.

It's possible that my employer may end my contract because I am not well enough to continue in my current role (it involves a long, busy and fast-moving day with lots of walking and commuting). I'm trying to see this potential outcome as a new beginning and would like to think about what I can do next. I have various skills and experience across lots of sectors. I'm quite happy to do all sorts of things but I'd love to know what other people do or what ideas you have. All ideas and suggestions very welcome!

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  • I have been working from home mainly for many years. Even before I was diagnosed with PMR I staggered on even though I had trouble even lifting my arm up to move the mouse around. Of course pred changed all that.

  • I worked from home. Dealing with TripAdvisor, Trustpilot and general customer emails. The good thing about this was I could work any time. So when wide awake a 2am ... Just do a bit of work.. Also it was a constant slow flow, so no rushing, no pressure.

  • If you search the web for work from home websites, you will find many ideas. Any work that is mostly done on a computer can usually be done from home if the employer will set up a secure connection fot you. I do freelance translating, my daughter does medical coding for hospitals, all from home. Freelance arrangements give you greater flexibility to accommodate good and bad days.

  • I used to do freelance translating but have "retired" as it is far too expensive to keep a business running here for the amount of income I got. The UK is far better in that sense.

    Unfortunately the company I got most of my work from (quite a specialised field) always expected me to catch up their messes re deadlines - they always needed it yesterday. That sort of stress isn't good! I also didn't want to get too many contacts or you can end up going round in circles if they all turn up at the same time! The company I mentioned had a sixth sense - they always knew when I was going away on holiday.

  • Where do you find these jobs please

  • Hi - I reduced my working hours to 28 a week and my employer agreed to me working one of those at home. It is worth trying to negotiate through your occupational health or HR team if you can and your work is suitable. If your work isn't suitable I'd ask them if there are any roles that aren't. I work in PR for a hospital and so a lot of my work is computer and phone based so it is possible. Good luck

  • Thank you so much to everyone who replied here.

    Katie18 - thank you for your suggestions. I've already been in negotiations with OH and HR but I'm not well enough to return to work at all at the moment so will need to try reinventing myself a little.

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