New App available for Vasculitis Patients - February 2017

New App available for Vasculitis Patients - February 2017

This has been posted on the website today it is A new App called patientMpower is available for Vasculitis patients. It offers personalised tips on staying well, help with medication adherence, a place for storing health data (such as blood pressure, blood results) and a means of enhancing patient-physician interactions. Follow this link for more details

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  • Can you put the link to download this app either on here or on the VUK website page please?

  • It is already on the website as stated above this is the link



  • Yes I saw that and clicked on the iOS link and this led me to a download of "users guide" only but no link for the actual app. The other links are an email addresses for support on specific issues.

  • If you click on the iOS link or the Android link via the website post it takes you straight to the log in page , quite a few people have already signed up this morning 😊

  • ☹️ Tried once more and still only get the "users guide download". Maybe it's just me. Thankyou anyway.

  • Tried this and same result. It must be the fact that I am trying to download it onto my iPad, or maybe my setting are wrong or something. Thank you Susan.

  • All updated now Casio 😊 Via the website

  • Yayyyyy downloaded now thank you Susan. Just waiting for hospital to be added now 🙃

  • Wonderful 😊

  • I couldn't get the iOS link to work by clicking on it. I found it in the App Store though. I was using my I pad as well.

  • Yes, I tried the App Store when this App was first spoken about but could not find it then....... teach me not re-check lol. Thankyou ladies for your patience.

  • We are modifying the website to include the full user guide and the direct link 😊😊

  • It seems a very incomplete list of hospitals (28 as I write) so large numbers of users will need to get their hospitals added before they can register. I'll need mine to be added, so have emailed them. Only then will I be able to assess how good the app is for me. I hope it can cope with rarer forms of vasculitis with much more unusual symptom patterns, like CNS. Actually I should go check the manual in the meantime ;)

  • How much does the app cost please?

  • It is free of charge

  • Hi, My name is Eamonn Costello from patientMpower - we're working on removing Hospital from the registration field to speed up the process, but we try and add it within an hour of a request.

    Also - please be aware this is first version of the app - we want your feedback to make it more useful for you.

    We plan to introduce reports which would document your physical activity, medications, any results (e.g. home blood pressure) and any items from the health journal feature you have logged. This will hopefully make it easier for you to document how you are feeling, and have a concise history when you have any medical appointments.

    Our support email address is or you can phone us on

    020 3322 4121

    Best Regards


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