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Churg Strauss Syndrome with Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure


In 2015 I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and heart failure left ventricular systolic dysfunction. My ejection fraction (pump rate) was 29% and after taking candersatan and spirolactone at the maximum doses, my ejection fraction was checked last week and has increased to 49%. The improvement is impressive but I still have heart damage and my lack of stamina and energy remains as bad. Question is, does anybody know if my improved ejection fraction could decrease again? 49% is still borderline heart failure and being a cynic about my previous misdiagnosis I have reservations about the future.

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Hi Rowmarsh,

I suspect your question is a bit too specialised to get a definitive answer on here.

Certainly I would assume that the ejection fraction could decline again especially if the heart failure was due to damage done by CSS. Is your CSS well monitored and controlled now especially with regard to cardiac issues?


Interesting question.

My ejection fraction was 35% last December but has improved to 52%. Luckily I've managed to avoid any specific drugs even though they kept saying they wanted to put me on sporolactone.

I'd probably assume it can go down again... I'm seeing my consultant in a couple of weeks so I'll be asking him a few questions related to this.


Hello Angharadj5

Thank you for your reply. Having done a bit of reading it looks likely that an improved ejection fraction with heart disease generally plateaux and maybe decrease. My heart is quite damaged by Churg Strauss Syndrome so the maximum doses of spirolactone and candersartan have been prescribed to strengthen the heart muscle. The doctor 'spun' the improved ejection fraction but having been told that four years previous to my diagnosis of breathlessness and palpitations was asthma related, then to be told severe heart failure, I reserve judgement now.


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