itching with Churg Strauss??

Hi all

Looking for a spot of advice/help/sympathy here....I have Churg Strauss syndrome, which has been successfully kept at bay with methotrexate and plaquenil for about 3 years now. Lately I suffer more and more with dreadful itchiness in my upper arms, mostly in the evenings and during the night, to the point where it can wake me up. Nappy rash cream helps soothe it a bit and after about 2 hours it dies away, but its driving me crazy. I try and distract myself but it is all consuming. Is this a symptom, a reaction to drugs, anybody else had similar???

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  • I was put on cream from the doctor for a bit which did help itchy patches also waking me up at night - I also found aloe Vera or calendula from the health shop very soothing - hope that helps a bit .....

  • Hi,

    Do you have a rash at all?

    Itching can be a sign of abnormal liver or kidney function ( U&E's and LFT's ) but I guess you are having those checked regularly as part of your Methotrexate monitoring. It can also be " idiopathic ", no identifiable cause.

    If your bloods are ok and you are well otherwise it might be an idea to try an antihistamine. Piriton can be slightly sedating when you first take it so may help you sleep through it and break the scratch/ itch cycle. If you have a rash or other symptoms with it then you should get it checked out by your GP at least.

    I can sympathise as I have had bouts of very itchy skin, with no obvious cause at various times and it does drive you crazy!

  • Have you tried Diprobase or Doublebase products? Both are used for eczema in the UK and many patients on my home forum who are all on prednisolone find they help a lot. If you have a nice GP you can have an enormous bottle with dispenser on prescription - but even shelling out for yourself it is only about £12 if I remember rightly.

  • I get the occasional horrible itchiness at night, on my lower back, outside of my thighs, upper arms & bottom, but not at the same time. It started before taking MTX (I too have CSS) & E45 cream works instantly to calm it down. Might I suggest ensuring your skin is well moisturised at all times? I put my itchiness down to getting too hot &/or using biological washing agents &/or acid gels/soaps &/or synthetic based nightwear. We're sensitive ladies!

  • Thanks all for your advice!

    Nice to know I am not alone

  • Hi! I was diagnosed with Churg last year.. After I saw it on Sky Mystery Diseases & asked a few questions I might add! I have some skin itchiness but hadn't associated this with Churg but thought prob due to drying skin due to Steroid induced Diabetes ( just goes on & on!)

    I find Australian Bodycare Teatree Lotion from QVCUK.COM is really soothing & antiseptic too. They also do a body wash.mIt's all covered by the Qvc 30day money ack guarantee so altho it's £26/ litre, you can try it & send it back, (half a tub if necessary to give it a good trial,) if it's not suitable, within the 30 day money back guarantee.. No quibble. They are great. Hope this helps!


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