Churg Strauss Syndrome now with Cardiomyopathy - Medical Retirement

After 10 years of struggling to work it has been suggested that I try for the civil service medical retirement; a task that is no mean feat! All hinges on the Capita Medical Officer and my specialists. I feel guilty even thinking about retiring at 49 but the alternative is becoming unmanageable for me. Any thoughts great or small would be appreciated.

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  • I'm not sure why you feel guilty about retiring? Is it because you feel people retire and then do nothing or is it because you feel like a burden on the pension scheme? Either way if you have the opportunity to take early retirement and have some financial benefits from your employer then snatch their hands off!! Take time out to reconsider what you want to do next and rest your deserved self to a better state of health in the meantime. I'm 42 and I haven't worked for 2 years but I still have plenty to be occupied with and there are always other avenues available to earn income when you aren't in the traditional work environment. Good luck.

  • Raspberry_tea

    I think the guilt comes in because one of my up being that you work until 60 although my family don't think that way, it's me. Also, everybody I meet says that I look really well especially if I am in the front garden doing some light work. What they don't realise is, that light work has probably taken me days to muster up the energy to even motivate myself.

    Workwise, most don't care when I'm off sick; two emails from colleagues in three months. Yet for 10 years I have been ripped to pieces by my senior managers behind my back because they have thought I was milking 'whatever he has got'. I think the work guilt is more to do with being 49 and still having an active brain (well unless that goes next) but being made to feel a lame duck.

    If I managed to get medical retirement I would use the time to build my strength and concentrate on the important things in life. I have interests and maybe volunteer in years to come.

    I have put off medical retirement for about two years but now with my heart condition I want to rest for a while. Trouble is, I have too much to think about at the moment and the brain tends to spin!

  • Ok, I get that this isn't what you envisaged and that you're worried you'll be judged. But I bet those silly buggers who think you're milking the system and getting something they're not would swap places, who would? I resisted telling colleagues what I thought of their insensitive comments because I knew my presence was uncomfortable enough ( I lasted a week on special measures designed to integrate me back into the work place) I decided work was something the old me was a slave to when my previous years of loyalty were disregarded (because I was impaired) and now my priorities have changed. I no longer care what others think of the path I'm on (never judge a man until you have walked in his shoes etc). Do what you think is best for you and your family.

  • Raspberry_tea

    I'm so glad I have found this forum. Your reply has really helped me thank you. I don't know why I care about being judged, I normally challenge the idiots that judge hence why some colleagues hate my directness. I have had so many comments about working from home and how lucky I am, to which I reply 'yes but you don't have a rare autoimmune disease that is a ticking time bomb'. The conversation dies after that!

    In the last 12 years I have been bypassed for any promotions, although I could never prove it as the managers are sly so now I think is the time to go (if I can).

    Fingers crossed!

  • Fingers wishes.

  • Maybe if you actually turned up, in a coffin-along with all your family dressed in black.....Sorry, rather sick-but a good illustration!

  • Believe me that wouldn't work. A colleague collapsed in the office and the majority of people were oblivious!

  • Maybe if one relative, brought your Death Certificate-the original, not a copy? (this is getting even 'sicker' now).

  • Nah! They would want the corpse!

    You have to laugh!

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