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Worried about having lung cancer

I am spitting up blood without having any cough.I am a smoker since last 16 years.

I went to GP who sent me for a chest x ray.My x ray was immediately repeated .I asked the reason but I was told that you can discuss your results with your GP after a week.

I am very much worried as to why my chest x ray was immediately repeated.

Any insights

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They normally do another if the first is blurry.

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It's difficult to know quite what to advise here, yes a 'recall' can simply be due to a 'bad' image-and yes I have had a few such recalls. Also (never start a sentence with a 'conjunction'), as I'm sure that you are aware, there is a 'higher than normal' chance of something more sinister. That said, many, many people smoke, for years and years, with little 'trouble', at all. So, as I said above, it's difficult to advise you here.

What I would say, without a doubt, is do speak to your Doctor-to see if (s)he has been given, or can find out, any information for you.

Please do let us know, will you. I hope it will be with good news.

Kindest regards AndrewT

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Its very difficult question to answer - when you spit up blood there can be more than one reason, especially if you have been diagnosed with Vasculitis. Do you have another appointment booked for the results?


I get blood come up but only after I have one of my rigor episodes. The tests are ongoing into the vasculitis as I am ANCA positive so am at the stage where they know I do have a small cell vasculitis but need to know more prior to me being started on cyclophosphamide or Rituximab.

Good luck


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