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Please help me to get help. 10 months without name of my vasculitis and no treatment exept ASA and kortison. Nothing of them prescripted of my collegues. 

i am not rheumatologist, not lungdoctor, I am an anestetist. I cant vasculitis but I do can oxygentreatment. I know that normal pO2 is 20 kPa in swedish analyzers, NOT 10 kPa as my bloodgas is. My lungvessels were damaged JUNI 2015. Now I am dying in sufflocation and have multiple organ failure. And every kollegue refuses to give me oxygen, thou I tell them it will save my life. Organdamages can be cured with oxygen, nothing else.  Some male kollegues trie to lie to me and tell me that 8 - 9 kPa is normal. BULLSHIT. Every value less than 20 is wrong. In swedish analyzers.  The values are different depending the anlyzing method used. Different methods have different analyzers. 

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You can contact Vasculitis UK Helpline they will try and help with some information and guidance the email is 

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Definitely speak to John he will help you out! I'm so sorry you are feeling like this and your colleagues are not helping you, I am sure you will get help off John. Praying you will be better soon xxxx

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Hi Tellu, 

It may be the language barrier but I find your post a bit confusing. A pO2 of 10 is a normal oxygen level. If your colleagues are getting it wrong for you then it stands to reason that they are getting it wrong for every other patient in Sweden with a pO2 of 10, that's a lot of hypoxic patients. 

Organ damage can't be " cured " with Oxygen, it's a supportive measure until the underlying cause of the lung damage is treated. 

I am sorry you are having a hard time and feel that you have been poorly treated. I hope you will e mail John for advice. 


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