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I've been taking prednisolone in varying doses between 80mg and 1mg for 28 years. At first I got Cushing's Syndrome and went from 8stone to 14 stone. Eventually I got back to my normal 10+ stone.

I am now on 2.5mg but need an increased dosage when I get a chest infection. For me they have been a life-saver.

I do wonder, though, if they cause me to be a bit depressed.

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Given my experiences with pred - I'd say NOT using them would leave me more depressed!

However - being serious, they can cause mood changes so that is possible, yes.


I have never been a depressed person, however, since being on steroids I do have my really down days. Is that the steroids or the side effects, moon face - trembles - lack of sleep ...?? not sure


I am taking Prednisolone varying from 60mg to 5mg. I am now on 7.5mg for the foreseeable future. I do get times when I feel depressed at least once a day. It only lasts a short time. I don't think its the meds. I think its more living with an illness long term. I would mention it to your doctor. There is always something going on around me to take my mind off it. Wife, Grand kids, dog etc. I hope you have someone you can talk to. take care.


Is there any other options than steroids?


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