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Feedback from the new Northumberland and Cumbria first support group meeting

Just wanted to say what a great meeting we all had at the very first Northumberland and Cumbria support meeting, at the weekend.. We were a group of 22, patients and famiies. We met old friends and made new friends. :-) John gave a presentation about the importance of doctors and patients working together. Two doctors from the Freemans Hospital popped into talk about vasculitis, the hospital in Newcastle, Cyclophosphamide and Rituximab. Dr Lordan and Dr Griffiths both stayed on to answer lots of questions. In fact we over ran by about 30 mins. :-) Rebecca did an amazing job of organising the meeting ( with the support of mum too ). If anyone would like to be on the mailing list for any future meetings please contact me by private message and I will pass your details onto Rebecca. The next meeting will probably be in the Spring. thank you Susan

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