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Vasculitis Awareness Month starts on May 1st - "Kelly's Book for Vasculitis Awareness Month"


It is just one month to Vasculitis Awareness month - From the 10th April, a very special book, created by Kelly Jefferies, encouraged by Dr Aljayyousi and published by Vasculitis UK with be available to buy from the VUK shop for the price of £2.50 all proceeds go to VUK. Share with your family, friends, doctors, nurses and GP's to raise awareness of vasculitis and to support VUK. This book gives a fact a day about Vasculitis for every day of May. "31 Facts You Should Know About Vasculitis"

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Hi Suzy ...   Where do I find a VUK shop ? Seems like an interesting read  ? Dr Al-Jayyousi is my husbands Consultant ... 

JontyW in reply to sylla123

Suzym2uModerator in reply to JontyW

Thank you Jon

Yes brilliant idea will definitely buy 

I am interested in your book. I have wegeners (GPA). What is the price of your book? How can I order it?

Suzym2uModerator in reply to robinleemcclure

You can order it from the VUK shop :-)

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