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liverpool/cheshire support group first meeting

Well what a great meeting,and what a turnout.we had 28 patients at our first meeting.

many thanks to dr harper,sarah hardy from the royal liverpool hospital and also the hospital for providing facilities.

also many thanks to pat fearnside who gave an excellent presentation on behalf of vasculitis uk.

all in all it was a great success,and we are now planning to hold meetings on a 3 monthly basis.

on a footnote,we decdided to have a vote regarding the name of the group ,and as from now we will be known as the MERSEYSIDE/CHESHIRE AND NORTH WALES SUPPORT GROUP

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Great meeting. Good luck for the future.


So pleased it all went well!! :-)


Just what is needed in northwest. Looking forward to the next meeting.


I think we can call the meeting a great success :-) So nice to finally meet and talk to people who also have WG...

Looking forward to the next meeting..


great meeting, many thanks to all involved. that car park walk nearly finished me off and I've been off my feet until 7ish tonight [sat]. looking forward to the next one.

regards, sandra99b


if you were in the multi storey car park..there is a good taxi/minibus service (free!) from the bottom of the steps/ramp. You just phone for it ...there are 2 or 3 phones indicated. It does however, stop at 5pm I think


Thanks Keith, it was an enjoyable meeting - well worth your hard work. Congrats on being elected secretary for the group. Looking forward to next one.


Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and looking forward to the next one, think it's what we all need. It's good to know you're not alone and can talk to others with the same illness.


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