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overseas travel by plane

Do not under any circumstances fly Air Alitalia of Italy. I booked and paid business class for myself and carer who is my wife. I arrive for the second leg from sydney after a 14 hour flight from sydney with the special stockings and other efforts to aviod DVD due to Churg Strauss Syndrome . I had to pay on board the plane an Additional $800 Euros ie $1200 dollars just for myself .

They refused to budge even they my paper work said business . It was to dangerous to fly economy I have left the matter in the hands of the travel agent . Business class they told the agent was full except there was only 8 passengers out of 22 seats with passengers in business class . i had an asthma attack out out of the stress and its not there policy to shift a carer up 22 hours in the air paid business all the way . They could see the stress I was under and the pain I was in but policy ruled the day .

That Airline is dangerous with people with illness and they are not to be trusted . Virgin Australia did a wonderful job . Its like travel insurance we must be able to trust them please take this information on board . The Travel agent no longer uses Alitalia after my expierence .

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