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I 'posted' here, a couple of months ago, regarding 'Blue Badge Renewals'. I detailed my experiences, in re-applying, to my local council-Essex County Council. I received my new Blue Badge, in good time-and with the minimum of trouble (I only had to give an assurance that 'There were no significant change since 'last time''). I then phoned through a payment, and sent a photo 'on line' and, believe it or not, that was it! I was asked to return the expired Blue Badge, to the Issuing Office. (Fortunately for me I literally pass the door, on my way into Headway Essex-one of the Support Groups that I attend.)

Anyway, I'm happy to report, that that is 'it', for the next three years.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the weather-despite the fact that you can't actually go out into it much!!


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  • Glad to hear all went well.

  • Thanks for the update. Hope you are well too.

  • Well done Andrew, but a word of warning on displaying a newly issued blue badge,on saturday we displayed our new badge ,not realising you need to let the old badge expire first ( to the exact date )our new badge (we both have one so the principal is the same ) had arrived so we displayed it .When we returned to the car the traffic warden ( with a big smile on her face ) was issuing a ticket, and informed us she was just on her way back to the office to sign of for the day ,when she noticed our badge wasn,t valid.We explained we also had the old one and showed it to her, to which she replied I,ve started the process so we would need to appeal,A dampner on an otherwise good day,I haven,t the faintest idea how to appeal or even what needs to be said,so please be careful when display your badge. ( £35 within 14days / £70 thereafter ).

  • Yes I did have to wait until, my pass became valid, and I also had to return the old one, to the issuing office, once the new one became valid.

  • You appeal to your local issuing office which should be your council offices parking section. Explain what happened and I'm sure they'll let you off the fine. I forgot to display my local resident sign alongside my disabled badge, got a ticket for it, appealed supplying a photocopy of my resident sign and was let off with just a ticking off! Good luck.

  • Sorry lottie-it was a long time ago and, sorry to say, tried all that!

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