Hi i was very ill 4 years ago but recovered after being on a high dose of pred after about 8 months, at that time no-one could be sure if it had been Wegeners, i would say i was then 70% back to feeling my normal self. then 3 weeks ago i had another flare up this time its positive Wegeners Gran, im now on 60 pred and 6 Cyclophosphamide injections over the next 3 months. What i would like to find out is if i would be entitled to a blue badge for hospital parking i have loads of appts to attend im in my 60s,

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  • Hi Prudence

    There are lots of changes going on with benefits and the Blue Badge Scheme and I think that maybe the criteria has changed so it may be more difficult than it used to be. To get a badge, when I got mine, you had to be disabled in some way (there is a criteria), and this disablement must be sufficient for your doctor to sign the Blue Badge application form.

    The scheme is administered by local authorities. If you look at the Routemap for Vasculitis (www.vasculitis.org.uk) and follow the links, there is a section on the Scheme and a link to a government website.


  • Thanks for your reply

  • I habe a Blue badge but I suffer with my spine and walking is very difficult. The GP has no input now and they don't have to write to support you. The onus is on you to provide proof. It is a much more difficult thing to go through now and I support that as there were too many who took advantage and also who abused the system. 

    It depends upon your local authority but if you write, on a separate piece of paper and tell them of your daily struggles, they may allow you one. I wish you good luck as I know what it's like when I forget my badge. I don't leave it in the car overnight as they are selling up for up to 2K pounds. 

    It used to be that if your GP wrote and supported you then you would normally get the badge but not now. They now mostly go to people on the higher mobility needs. All the very best

  • Hi When I applied for mine 5 years ago just rang the local authority but I get dla so dont know if this is needed and as they are issued for a set period i dont know wether you could get one but most hospital have a scheme where you can either claim back if on benefits or ask about reduced rate hope this helps

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  • I had to attend a local surgery and was assessed by a GP - not my own. When I received the approval there was a comment 'Mr Day had difficulty getting out of his car when he arrived home'!

    Renewed recently but had to provide passport and proof of DLA receipt. I'm not surprised really seeing the number of people parking in reserved places and then running into shops!

  • Thanks for your reply

  • Thanks for your reply

  • Hi I also have WG ( now in remission ), I already had a blue badge before diagnosis of WG as was suffering from arthritis. However , even with the blue badge I still have to pay on ther car park at the hospital I attend - sometimes twice a week, despite somedays being there for 6 - 8 hrs. The badge simply allowed me to park in designated areas that was on the floor adjacent to the exit.

  • I underwent an assessment some years ago and was awarded a badge. When I received notification of the award they had included - in error - a note stating that I had considerable difficulty getting out of my vehicle upon returning home! It does as Patricia suggests, depend on how disabled you are. ATB.

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