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Re-newing Blue Badge Poll

Dear all,

If you are re-newing a Blue badge, or are currently applying to be a holder, then please take the time to answer this question.

1.) I have never had Blue Badge before but think I should qualify.

2.) I Applied for a Blue Badge but was turned down/refused.

3.) Do you feel the application system is fair.

4.) Have you had to hand in your Blue Badge, since your health improved.

5.) Did the system work well for you.

6.) Other reasons, please leave a comment.

I'm hoping that, the results gained here, will prove useful, in the longer term, to our members. It may also show up any 'inconsistences' in the way the different authorities deal with applications.

In any event the info. should prove interesting.

Thanks again AndrewT

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I suppose my answer would be 5, but I'm a little confused by the options. I have claimed a Blue Badge for 14 years or more, without any difficulties. I renew it every 3 years, claiming successfully from 2 councils over this period. I have a very multiple sclerosis form of vasculitis though, which means I sometimes have to use my own manual wheelchair, and always use at least one stick. Mobility is a major problem for me, every single day. I get the badge on discretionary grounds, because I do not claim (having been put off big style before I was diagnosed properly, and wanting to avoid the recurring stress which could be very bad for my vasculitis) qualifying DWP benefits. All I want day to day is my Blue Badge, and I have never had any difficulty claiming it. Even after the rules were recently tightened in Scotland re walking distance tested for.


Andrew let me create a proper poll for you just wait a minute


Sorry, clearly I didn't get this right, at all, did I?


No problem I have done the poll for you Andrew, it should be on the right hand side of the page as you look at it, every member in the community should receive a notification email. IF you want me to change anything let me know



I applied for a blue badge initially and was refused. I appealed and had to provide lots of evidence and go before a doctor. Then I was granted one.

I had to apply for renewal and was refused as needed extra evidence for consultant.

I am just in the process of applying again as my consultant has agreed to back me.

the system is not fair, it's ridiculous the short distance they set for struggling to walk and they make no allowances for good and bad days. It's very time consuming. It makes it very difficult that people don't know what Vasculitis is. Even with go and consultant evidence I was still turned down.


Andrew have you seen the votes and comments coming in for the poll about the Blue Badge. It makes very interesting reading



questions 2,4 & 5 apply to me,I was refused Blue Badge a few mths ago....I am a lot better and dont really think at times I warranted it,however the Badge has its advantages


Yes I should say No 5 for me, I have 2 discs missing and loads of inflammation and severe atheritus, but mainly because I cannot breathe properly on walking so my mobility is very poor, I was okay until I has systemic small vessel vasculitus which has messed up my breathing, 6 years on Papworth hospital are still investigating, just had a lung scan, next a heart scan luckily one of the doctors there are aware of vasculitus that's why they are doing the checks, was told I got COPD but not confirmed, then was aklso told I have severe heart failure, again not checked, but have been like this since my attack 6 years ago, still in remission, but still get good and bad days.


Dear Ezrela,

I thought I had problems! If it's any consolation, you definitely win here-not that, I doubt, you will be cerebrating much! I almost feel 'well', by comparison-now I know that this can, very well, sound condescending/twee/pathetic but....I do feel for you Ezrela (what a lovely name-is it actually your own?)

I am assuming that you have a Blue Badge, if not, why the heck (and that's being polite) not. Was your surgery, to remove the discs, connected to Vasculitis? I only ask because a, very dear, friend of mine-yes I DO have few-had similar surgery. (In her case it was as a result of a stroke, that she had when very young. Suffice to say that this dear girl has a number of 'tummy troubles', which cause her, very frequent, pain and distress.) There isn't an apparent link to Vasculitis, in her case, despite some obvious 'auto-immune' type symptoms.

I am very, very sorry to tell you that I can only offer you my (all of our) love, and best wishes, Ezrela. Along with our prayers, and thoughts. This hardly seems adequate, at all, sorry!

Hope you feel better soon AndrewT


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