Renewing Blue Badge

Dear all,

I have just been approved for a new Blue Badge, which should arrive within the nest two weeks-I'll keep you all 'posted'. The process was 'fairly' straight forward and, basically, involved me giving an assurance that 'nothing' had changed. I also had to send a current photo and, once approved, make the relevant payment-currently ten pounds.

I am under Essex County Council, though this should be fairly universal-I did say should here!

I would be interested to know 'others' experiences, in using this process. Maybe we could have a poll, to see how the various County/City/Town Councils do?

Best wishes everyone AndrewT

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  • Always good to know. My husband has a blue badge from Devon County Council but we haven't told them we've moved. I think we're permanently 'on holiday' in Norfolk. Due to be renewed in summer 17 so we look forward to seeing what happens then.

  • hi andrew, i have filled out the form to renew my blue badge which ran out. i am waiting to hear from them

  • I had mine taken off me as my walking has improved. however i still have many periods like at the moment when walking is a painful struggle as i suffered severe nerve damage in my feet and lower leg.

  • u need to appeal like u said u get peroids when u cant walk far

  • Well said Cedric-this poor lady really isn't well, at all. It is, quite frankly-and I might well say something 'rude' here-f..king disgusting the way she is being treated. I have advised her to try to get the support of any relevant groups, in her area-must be worth a try, for Heaven's sake!

    When I wrote this 'post' it was, I'll admit, partly to see how others 'got on', with the system. In Kate's case, it would appear, not well at all (rather like her!). This is the sort of 'thing' a poll would show up, perhaps I'll suggest it to John.

    In the mean time, thanks again-I know Katie will appreciate the support.


  • You should re-apply Katie,you are not a well lady-really your not! To tell you the truth, always the best policy, I am disgusted that it was taken off you!

    Do you attend any Support Groups (Stroke Associations, Headway, Community Support, or the like). Can they not help you? Surly worth trying.

    Please do let me know Katie. I send you my very best wishes.


  • thank you Andrew. The first time I got the blue badge I could hardly walk at all but I still had to appeal and go before a doctor to prove I couldn't walk. This time I can walk further but like I say there are many times when walking is a problem for me as the illness has left nearly with damaged feet. But it would mean my consultant had to sign to say I could only walk a short distance and I'm not sure that she would. I will speak to her about it next time - but once again my council are making me appeal.

  • I hope that this does NOT sound too patronising but....You poor dear girl-how dare 'they' treat you like this! I'm not sure that your doctor would have to lie, very much, in order to support you. You have trouble walking, a great deal of pain-much of the time-along with many other problems. Do speak to her and, at least, ask-you might be surprised by her answer (in a good way, I mean).

    Please do give it a 'go'.


  • I applied online for my Mum on Devon County councils website. Totally painless!

  • I get one every 3 years from my local council. I don't claim qualifying benefits - long story that one - but have no difficulty at all getting the blue badge from the council on concessionary grounds. This is even after the rules were tightened up in Scotland recently, reducing the walking distance needed to qualify. They approve me every time - two councils so far, over 14 years, and very easily.

    I could also get one under the driving license been removed by DVLA for medical grounds rule. But that just works for a year at a time. I find it easiest just to claim on concessionary grounds, filling out the form. I have never ever had any problems.

    My blue badge is the most beneficial thing I could have for getting out and about. It also qualifies me for a Scottish bus pass, but I am too disabled now to use that. I don't think I've used my free bus passes for the last 7 years and longer.

  • As a point of note, if you are under retirement age, once you get a blue badge, you can apply for a bus pass.

  • That's interesting, thank you for telling us that.

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