A football‬ day, 25th July, in ‪Nottinghamshire‬ plus disco, for two charities including V‎asculitis‬ UK. (In memory of Andrew Willows)

A football‬ day has been organised this weekend in ‪Nottinghamshire,‬ plus disco, for two local charities including V‎asculitis‬ UK.

if you live in the Nottinghamshire Derbyshire area you may want to go along and support this event.

Andrew lost his life to ‪Wegeners‬ Granulomatosis ( GPA ) because of late recognition and diagnosis, even though he had been ill for about a year beforehand, even been a patient in the local hospital.

Early recognition and diagnosis, plus appropriate treatment is essential to save lives. I am so thankful the doctor on duty that day, 14 years ago, when my John was admitted to our local hospital had seen WG ( Granulomatosis with Polyangitis ) before.

In the photo on the website, is Emily and her mum and dad (Andrew) taken 3 years ago. This is the second event Emily has been involved with since she lost her dad. Please follow this link for more details


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