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This Atos joke

Been on dla 13 years.high rate mobility indefinitely. .got me in in Dec last year.gave me nil points.they told lies.yet when I went tribunal. Judge brought police record up .people judge there from dwp said stop court .he gave me 6 points.wanted give me more.judge not having any of it.I'v got osteo arthritis. Blood preasure. Bowel problems.on anti depression tabs.I've gone upper tribunal.and before I've got result got me going a second assessment next this assessment nurse said I won't examin you can see you are in a lot of pain.LOL SHE never give me one point.never even got me on bed.sorry no faith in them at all.does anyone know how I can put this in papers

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John.. can I ask what type of Vasculitis have you been diagnosed with and how it has affected you? Have you looked at the benefit and works website at all ? or have you been in touch with Citizens Advice Bureau at all for support? We can help but will need to have some more info, you can pm me if you prefer.



Dear John,

Do you attend any 'Support Groups', that exist, in your area-actually what area are you in? I only ask because Headway Essex, which I have attended for sometime now, came along and supported/backed up my case. I won and have been on the 'Support Group' for about two years now.

Worth a try anyway-good luck John.



Hi John,

My sister has churg straus and it took 3 tribunals until I got her accepted for DLA, on her third medical assessment the medical assessor said her medication is enough to accept her let alone the physical and psychological but felt the meds were her strongest evidence.

Susan sent us information that's very helpful and the other thing I'd say is perseverance, and if you can get any help, my sister couldn't have done it on her own.

If you want to complain writing to your local MP and asking them for help can have a bit of clout sometimes.

Good luck!!



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