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picture this in 6 hrs sleep

picture this in 6 hrs sleep

many thanks for the reply

I have woke up this morning with this on me hand now

not only has this thing attacked me ankles knees and ligaments not to mention receding gums.

It now has shown itself on my hand as a red and black mark and i have not spilt anything on my hand last night or touched anything that could give me this. And my mouth feels all dry is this vasculitus or not my feet are all blue at the toes this morning then they will go back more nomal and white. I am getting quite worried as the rumi appointment she said i had needed insoles in my feet to correct ankle.

But i didnt have anything to show here llike this If this carries on for another day im going to go toa AandE i CAN TAKE NOT BEING ABLE TO WALK FAR BUT WHEN I SEE THIS WELL it not in my mind is it.

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My husband gets bruises all over his hands & arms when he gets the smallest of knocks. It's due to the steroids and other meds.

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THANKS NADINE i know its cos the skin is like thin but im not on steroids now


Hi Minka,

The only way to find out about your symptoms and whether it could be Vasculitis is to request a referral to a Consultant with experience in diagnosing and treating Vasculitis. I note you have been posting in the Lupus group as well, have you ever had a Lupus diagnosis?

If your present Consultant isn't being helpful and you are in England then you are entitled to a second opinion. A &E is for acute, life threatening emergencies, the Dr's that work there won't have experiencing in diagnosing Vasculitis or Lupus and won't be able to do the diagnostic tests necessary.

As Susan says you are welcome to phone or e mail me on the VUK Helpline.

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yes then it whent away for 4 years now looks like it is back with me vasculitus with a worse power ie mor stronger than before

walking dificult due to knees dont feel tracking right under knee cap and the feel well feels like bones are gone in them when walking now afecting back area. never had it as bad as this last time waas just stinging under knees my present rumi has sent me for podiatry assesment and done further work with ct scan on pelvis etc she said their was no vasculitus but their is it just didnt come on till walking latter on more which she said was vasculitus 4 years ago now if you have followed some o0f my other post you can see where i came from with just a sprained ankle to this but i could tell their was somthing going on with the lumps on my fingers like before. regards john


Dear minka,

Looking at this...It COULD be an allergy. It LOOKS similar to a Coeliac/Celiac rash-this is caused by Gluten intolerance. Please don't take this as gospel, it is just a thought....Maybe worth checking?

Please do let me know, even if I'm totally wrong.

Very best wishes, in any event.



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