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home visist from atos

i was hoping you would be able to give me some advice on two issues i hope this post wont be to long but i will try to explane it all to you

hi iam a 50 year old man iam new to this forum and would be very greatful for some advice i had been getting some really bad pains in my back legs arms knees and feet i went to see my doctor in jan 2013 and was sent for xrays and blood test waited for results and was told i would need a mri scan in feb2013 i was adviced by a very nice ladie from the dwp to put in for pip so i did on march 2013 in case it was something bad she told me there was along wait so i filled out the forms in april2013 waited and waited for mri scan finally got it on 13 oct 2013 had to wait six weeks to go back and see the consultant to see what was wrong all the time getting worse he told me i have spinal stenosis and severe arthritis ive been taking zomorph twice a day lyrica twice a day and amitriptyline 50mg once a dayive been on these for about 5 months after trying all sorts of other stuff they are really not doing anything for me as i carnt sit for long or stand for long getting any kind of sleep is a mission its self i was sent a reply from the dwp about my pip claim and was told i would have to see someone from atos ( witch ive herd nothing but bad things about ) i was sent an appointment by them for spt 2013 witch was over 50 miles away i phoned and told them i could not do a trip like that as i dont have a car and i carnt sit down for that log of a journey they said they would ring me back witch they did two days later saying i had been granted a home visit and i would recive a letter telling me when that was over four months ago ive phoned so many times only to be told we are working how way to your area but still nothing its got to the stage where i think i should just forget all about my claim and just get on with my painful life i was talking to a very good friend about it and she said in no way should i give i should carrie on i would be very greatful if anybody else who has had the same trouble could share with me there results and do you think with what i have wrong with me i will have a case for getting pip benifit in the end or should i just forget it sorry for the long winded post the next issue i have is that i was put on incapacity benefit over 10 years ago after having a assessment with dwp doctors and was told i would never work again i belive thats when all my troubles started i have had all these painful things for a number of years and they have got worse the next question is when i was put on incapacity benefit all thoses years ago i have never recived any money for it at all i wanted to know if they had the right to tell me i was to sick for work for good give me the incapacity bebifit but never pay me anything once again iam sorry for the long post in advance thank you richard

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I can't address your claim/benefit issues. However, I have had that severe leg and foot pain. I had tried taking pain meds as needed, but I knew that wasn't a good idea. When I finally received my diagnosis of vasculitis, my doctor addressed this pain. He put me on Mobic, which is NSAID, daily. I've been on it for almost a year. It's helped tremendously.

HOWEVER, given your age and other conditions, I would not take NSAIDs daily until you can speak with your doctor. Do mention it to her/him. S/he may put you on it or have a better alternative.

Lyrica is for nerve pain, which I assume is related to your spinal stenosis. Your leg pain may indeed be from that. It may also be from vasculitis. It could be one or both contributing to the pain. So, you can see why this is tricky and why you will need to discuss it with your doctor.

I hope this was a little helpful.

All my best to you!


thank you for your reply will look into it next time i see doctor



I am sorry you are having all these problems. Can I ask which hospital you attend? You sound as though you are constantly in pain.

Vasculitis UK do have a link on the website offering information and advice about benefits. If you follow this link it will take you to the web page.

Vasculitis UK do offer guidelines regarding benefits from an organisation called benefits and work, if you contact VUK's secretary, (contact details are also on this page) she will send you the appropriate guidelines or any other information you might need.

Citizens Advice Bureau are also very helpful for supporting anyone who is wanting to make a claim or is having difficulty making a claim.

take care



i was seen at darenth valley dartford in kent


Hi. I have had problems with applying for PIP too. Capita sent me a letter dated 29 January 2014 saying that I would have a home visit between the dates 6 January to 11 January 2014 !! I have CSS and related problems.


in hope it works out for you dont forget to ask for the number


Hi you say you were put on incapacity benefit was this classed as a contribution claim only? sometimes what you get is a credit towards your pension. so although there is no cash payment. It is still classed as being in receipt of the benefit also did you continue to submit medical sick notes from your Dr or were you told that these were no longer necessary? If You are unsure go on the website and get the telephone number for your benefit centre. They will be able to tell you if you are getting credits only.


it looks like they might be credits


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