Has anyone disgnosed with Churg Strauss Syndrome (EGPA) has experience of taking Alemtuzmab (Campath)

Question from the face book group if anyone can help

Just wondering if anybody has had - Alemtuzumab

Dr David Jayne has put me forwards for it. I have to wait until June, 6 months clear of Rituximab but hopefully I will finally be able to get things under control with this new one...

Any info anyone has on this treatment would be great?

thank you

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  • Sorry no I have not, but I too have CSS and the Rituximab is not working at the moment, just one or two more doses to take. I wish you well on this treatment, please would you update how you got on, I too have tried everything bar Cyclo which cannot be given to me unless it is life or death as I have had bladder cancer. I cannot take oral steroids either. Hoping that this drug works for you and brings you into remission. (horrible word) but I hope so.

  • I think this is a drug trial Mitz at Addenbrookes, Campath has been successful for treating some cases of refractory WG ( GPA ) and MPA so it is being trialled for refractory CSS. It is has been very successful for treating Behcets.


  • Thank you Suzym2u.

    Well I really do hope it works for you and I shall keep my eyes open. Sorry you have been having so much bad luck with the drugs too. I have several CSS in other countries, I'll ask them about it, they might know more. If I get any responses I will post back. Good Luck.

  • Thank you, I am asking on behalf of someone else, who is starting this new drug very soon


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