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Do I have WG

I posted on here last week re Do I have WG

I saw a new Dr today who was excellent, and I already have a X/ray booked for Wed, and blood tests on Fri. I even got some ointment for my crusty nose, He was very thorough, I was with him for 3/4 hour. I did get a few glares from the other patients when I came out because I had kept them waiting.

I have to up my steroid dose, will this affect an ANCA test ?

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yes I am afraid steroids can distort lab results bowler, if you are concerned please talk it over with your new doctor they will and should understand.



Thank you for your advice, if t wasn't for you and several others on this site who were concerened for me I probably wouldn't have gone to see the GP, at least I have got the ball rolling so to speak re tests etc., for WG So thank you all.

The Dr, said that I really needed to go up on my steroids as I was/ am feeling quite poorly, and my ESR and creatinine was raised. I also have a urne infection [ I have stage 3 kidney disease ] so on atibiotics for that. If Steroids can mess up blood results [ ANCA ] I don't really know when they could be done as I have never been off Pred. I am now on 20mgs.



let me talk to John and see what he says :-)


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