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For your interest, we've just found a travel insurance company called World First 0845 9080161.

My husband declared various medical conditions, Vasculitis, Triple Heart Bypass, Skin Cancer, High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol. The premium for 3 weeks in Europe is £47 + £25 to cover the medical declarations. That's a total of £72 which also included me with no declarations. The premium was £104 for annual cover.

What they are like if you have a problem, we hope we don't find out but it's a VERY competitive price.

Beware, we had some quotes, which although we declared his conditions, offered us the insurance but without cover for the conditions declared. What would be the point of that?

Happy days...........

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Tjanks for that will have a look I payed a lot more than that last time for mine.


For others, just a minor warning: Remember that Europe is a VERY different matter to seeking cover for outside Europe.

And if you are heading for this side of the channel (for me that is) don't forget your EHIC card - because that will access you care that is often better than the NHS (albeit a bit different) in much of the EU for a very small charge provided you go to a public hospital.

If you have very complex health needs a MedicAlert bracelet is worth considering. It has an international number on it for healthcare professionals to call which allows them access to your medical history and medications - with a multilingual call centre. Do NOT assume that all healthcare professionals in other countries speak English: even in a University hospital many don't (not won't).


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