Ulcerated legs

Please could I have advice and support for ulcerated legs it started off 6 months ago with cellulitous then turned more infectiouse told it was ulcerated legs by specialist. At vascular clinic to let nurse put compression bandage on but that failed owing to the shape of my legs now had special compression hossery fitted been to nurse today my leg has turned very angry red and painfully back on more more antibiotics help feeling despret

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  • What type of vasculitis do you have Yorkie369? Also what medication are you taking at the moment?

  • Thank you for replying not been diagnosed for vasculitouus yet on zapain and diclofenac going to surgery twice weekly for legs to be dressed even nurses can only do so much because there does not seem no end to infections I suspect there is more going on that meets thr eye doctor prescribed cause of metronidazole no alcohol that is not going to be easy as I look forward to a tipple at night but I will do it if it makes me better

  • Yorkie369

    Green Lipped Mussel Ointment or Manuka Honey Cream (Manuka Honey cream was developed by Addnebrookes and it is used on open wounds with MRSA).

    Both available on NHS and the GLMO is used by our District Nurses for ulcers caused by varicose veins. They are both excellent, You might have an argument on your hands.

    If you don't win the argument, you can buy MHC over the counter at H&B but it is very expensive.

  • Where do you go for your treatment. Yorkie369

  • Nurse twice weekly at doctors surgery

  • No hospital ?

  • Did go for hospital appointment to vascula clinic to see specialist. In August. He diagnosed ulcerated legs and suggested. Compression on legs but that failed owing to the shape of my legs now under tisshoo variability nurse pluse nurses at local surgery

  • Are things improving under the new nurse

  • Thank you for your replyes my next appointment with new nurse isn't till end of nov things are getting better though I have been yon zstrong antibiotics this week and cut my alcohol intake down I last had them dressed Monday just gone have to go back tomorrow have not had to dress them myself in between normaly I have been doing it at least twice a day because of bad weeping think I am on the mend

  • Well I hope things improve for you now, do let us know how things go


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